We bring 5 years of Head Mounted
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custom development

Custom Development

When there's no standard or platform to help you build on, you can rely on us to make it happen. From integration of a very specialized hardware to understanding an obscure format - you can trust our team of experienced developers that we've got it covered.

custom hardware

Custom Hardware

As we all know, some ideas call for bold moves: Custom hardware building is one of these. Despite mostly being a software company we are not afraid to dirty our hands with a little hardware work here and there. Did we mention that we've built our own HMD yet?

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Team in the action
In The Field

Getting technologies to new heights

Custom development
Custom Development

Frictionless integration of your hardware

Custom hardware
Custom Hardware

Problem solving by engineering

Our HoloLens consultancy process



As a first step, we begin this session with a short (30 minutes) presentation about the device, its capabilities and usage. This is followed by a second part where you get the chance to try the HoloLens itself to see both the OS and a some applications. These hands-on sessions usually take 5 to 10 minutes per person.



If you already have a concrete project idea, we suggest organizing a feasibility consultation. The goal of this consultation is to understand whether your plans can be realized into a project: we analyze your ideas and we make suggestions to best utilize the HoloLens's capabilities.

proof of concept

Proof of Concept

By creating a small application we can validate the concept both on the technology and on the usability side. In addition, it's great to demonstrate your idea to anyone, or to act as a starting point for a pilot project. We can also produce a professional video of this application so it can be demonstrated without a device at hand.



The next step after the case study is a pilot program. We continue the development of the case study to completely cover one or more use-cases, and integrate the solution with the internal services of your company. The result of this work is then trialed by actual users for a longer period of time to collect feedback and data.

Our tools of the trade

  • WindowsWindows
  • iOSiOS
  • AndroidAndroid
  • LinuxLinux
  • Unity 3DUnity 3D
  • Unreal EngineUnreal Engine
  • Microsoft HololensMicrosoft Hololens
  • Microsoft Windows MRMicrosoft Windows MR
  • Google DaydreamGoogle Daydream
  • HTC ViveHTC Vive
  • Oculus RiftOculus Rift
  • Samsung GearVRSamsung GearVR
  • Google TangoGoogle Tango
  • Epson MoverioEpson Moverio
  • Microsoft KinectMicrosoft Kinect
  • Google CardboardGoogle Cardboard
  • ARKitARKit
  • ARcoreARcore
  • VuforiaVuforia
  • OpenCVOpenCV
  • MetalMetal
  • WebRTCWebRTC
  • ASP.NET, SignalRASP.NET, SignalR